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What is the Largest Home Extension Allowed Without Planning Permission?

Are you planning to extend your house but are unsure about the planning permissions and regulations? Home extensions can significantly increase your living space and property value. However, they require careful planning, especially when it comes to understanding the rules around planning permission. This article will guide you through the largest extension size you can build in Glasgow without needing planning permission

Understanding Planning Permission

Before we delve into the specifics of how large an extension can be without requiring planning permission, it's crucial to understand what planning permission is. Planning permission or development rights are established by local authorities to control the development and use of land. They help ensure that any proposed construction aligns with local design standards, doesn't harm neighbours' amenity, and is in line with broader urban or regional strategies.

The Permitted Development Rights

In the UK, Permitted Development Rights allow homeowners to make certain types of minor changes to their homes without needing to apply for planning permission from their local council. These rights depend on various factors such as location, design, size of extension and type of property.

For detached houses, homeowners can add a single-storey rear extension up to six metres in depth without requiring planning permission. Semi-detached or terraced houses can be extended up to three metres. However, these dimensions change under 'Neighbour Consultation Scheme' where detached houses can extend up to eight metres and other houses up to six metres if neighbours do not object.

For two-storey extensions, they must not extend beyond three metres from the original house's rear wall or be within seven metres of any boundary opposite the rear wall of the house.

It's important to note that these rules apply only if your home hasn't been extended before. If it has been, the total cumulative footprint of the original house and all extensions must not exceed these limits.


Extending your home without planning permission is possible within certain limits set by Permitted Development Rights. However, it's crucial to understand these rules thoroughly before starting any work. Remember that exceeding these limits could result in enforcement action requiring you to undo your work at your own expense.

In conclusion, while extending your home can be a significant investment both financially and time-wise, it can also add substantial value to your property and improve your living space dramatically. So, plan carefully, understand the rules, and make your dream home a reality!

For free help and planning advice, speak to the experts at Glasgow Extensions & Conversions today. We're a local company with sound knowledge of the area and over 30 years experience in the building trade.

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